Message From Arno's CEO:

Byron Chukwudi, Arno's Company CEO

CEO’s Note:

Forging a path forward requires focused leadership and broad collaboration, something we have seen in abundance from business during the past year. Business has risen to the challenge. But we have a long way to go.

Restructuring our Impact strategies

Arno recognizes its duty to portray leadership, to enforcing transformation through collaborative inputs, and to transform to
overcome challenges. Our focus recently has been deploying our global capabilities to help clients respond, improve and
succeed; and on helping communities bounce back so that people everywhere have access to opportunities.
Guided by Arno’s Shared Values—Leadership, Professionalism, diversity & inclusion, collaborate for measurable impact and
serve with integrity—we reinvented the way we interact with clients and learned how to be effective virtually.

The Business Imperative

The capability to execute efficiently makes it possible for businesses to do good.

Climate change is more glaring, touching all corners of the globe. Creating a net-zero world is non-negotiable. But it is only possible if business and government work together within and across national borders, and individuals in rich nations change their consumption behaviors. We have limited time. Leaders must tap into the vast potential of the digital age, as well, leveraging rapid change and discovery into new jobs, new skills, and new ways of solving persistent challenges. With digitization has come an explosion of data and an obligation to ensure it is protected—and used only as intended and in full compliance with the laws.

Globally, economies are changing at an unprecedented pace digital innovation is boosting productivity and helping more businesses reach more customers around the world. The pandemic has accelerated this process and helped many businesses through the crisis.
Looking at the current process of widespread globalization, we at Arno understand the importance of paying attention to our customer’s requirements. This is essential to the success of our organization and also in enabling a sustainable impact on society. From experience, and using recent evaluations, we can testify that our customers have been satisfied with our professional services and from their candid feedback, it is evident that we have diligently delivered our finest performance to the focus of customer satisfaction, but there is still more to be done.

On behalf of Arno, I would like to thank our valuable customers, reliable partners, and world-class executives. Our staff have also been exceptional and have not shown anything less than a diligent and selfless commitment to the establishment of our organization. If not for the quality of our staff, our value systems would not have been able to live.

With our current market, we have decided to continually be diversified and innovative with our ideas, solutions, and our mode of execution. This is the platform on which our trust is built. We are fully committed to building a society that will be operating with structures that are efficient and dependable in other to make life simpler for any individual.
We assure our clients that we will not remove our sight from this vision and will move every mountain to make each life a
better one.

Arno’s journey is a phenomenal one, and we are still creating more stories.
Thank you for your trust and support. We remain transparent and available to all our clients, so together we will build a connected society.

Byron Chukwudi
Arno CEO