Five priorities for Managers in the next normal

How leaders can adapt to a very different future

Over the course of the pandemic, businesses have largely and often successfully adapted to new ways of working. They’ve also embraced digitalization and reorganization of their supply chains. All of this has been necessary, but it will not be enough. To prepare for the post-COVID_19 era, leaders need to do more than fine-tune their day-to-day tasks; they need to be ready and willing to rethink how they operate, and even why they exist. To put it another way, leaders need to step back. take a breath, and consider a broader perspective.

The pandemic has both revealed and accelerated a number of trends that will play a substantial role in the shape of the future global economy. In our conversations with global executives, they have identified five priorities. Companies will want to adopt these five priorities as their North Star while they navigate the trends that are molding the future. (Click on the tiles of the interactive below for more on each priority including links to relevant articles.)